OutlookReflex 3.7

OutlookReflex helps you to stay connected to your desktop Outlook
3.7 (See all)

MS Outlook Folders in the Desktop is shared using Outlook Desktop Application. As the Desktop is connected to the Internet, our Mobile App accesses the entire MS Outlook Mails from the Desktop through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

OutlookReflex comprises of a Mobile App and a Desktop Application. Mobile App can be downloaded from App store. Registration process is required to get your Username and Password. A suitable Desktop Application is downloaded from www.outlookreflex.com. After Installing OutlookReflex Desktop Application, Validation process for the registered user needs to be done.

Main Features:
- Email Anytime, Anywhere
- Search Entire Outlook Emails on the go
- Send Emails to Outlook and Phone Contacts
- View and Forward Email Attachments
- Multiple Desktops and Multiple Accounts Support
- Outlook Contacts on your Smartphone

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